Active Rider – Horsecamps, Clinics and world Class Equestrian Coaching.

Our events are beneficial for competition riders or amateur riders, our non-competitive approach creates a superb atmosphere.

Attend and our excellent coaches will train you, we will provide you with great company and surround you with top class equestrian facilities. Our events are professionally run and while your with us you will get lots of opportunity to progress and learn.

We specialise in Dressage, Cross Country, Show Jumping, Showing & Camps with a natural theme. To keep our events interesting, we constantly vary our content and our coaches, we have a great assortment of specialist visitors, you decide if you want to enjoy them in optional activities. One to one nutritional analysis, course walks, reiki, side saddle, positive coaching (NLP), animal communication, sports massage (human & equine) to name a few!

People attend our events for different reasons:

  • those looking to improve
  • those bringing on a young horse
  • moving up the competition ladder (ie: BE80T up)
  • moving onto the competition ladder (ie: First BE/Dressage/SJ/Search for a Star etc)
  • cementing a new horse/rider combination
  • kick starting horse and rider
  • those who want to socialise with their horse in tow!
  • those who want to enjoy quality time with their horses and friends

Current Offers

Two free tickets awarded at every camp for the Horse of the Year Show at Birmingham NEC