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The dictionary will define Moot as ‘open to discussion’ – and our aim is to be just that.

We have strived to create an intimate and mature dining experience, with a difference. From the design of the restaurant’s interior with changing large scale artefacts and objects to the design of our menu, we hope to encourage talking points and stimulate discussion.


We are unashamedly proud of our steaks. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the very best quality.

Our Dexter cattle are hung for a minimum of 28 days and up to 70 days. This allows the meat to build flavour and tenderness, it is then butchered on site in the restaurant’s kitchen. This ensures that we can provide you with a much wider range of steaks that are normally available in the local vicinity .

Our steaks are not the whole story…whether lamb, fish, chicken, duck or vegetarian, our additional wide ranging menu is designed around seasonality. The very best of ingredients delivered at the best time.

Here at Moot, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best in locally sourced, fresh seasonal food.